COVID-19 Social Distancing

COVID-19 Social Distancing

The Covid-19 pandemic has now passed the acute phase. However, if you remain concerned about social distancing and are interested in the options available within this project, then please read on….

We understand that the every company has different preferences in relation to social distancing. That’s why, we have designed four different “levels” to enable you to plan with confidence.

Level 4 – Remote / Online Social Distancing

  • Facilitators and participants meeting via video conferencing from home (or separate offices).
  • Participants are allocated to one of five roles which need to work together to succeed, but critically each role can be performed remotely:
    • Builder – the person who will take the lead on assembling the hand.
    • Instructor – the person who has the assembly manual and is tasked with telling the builder how to go about their task.
    • Designer – the person who will decorate the case that the hand comes in, takes a photo of team members for inclusion, and writes a letter to the recipient on behalf of the group
    • Coordinator – the person who determines the allocation of roles among team members, monitors quality and output, manages timing etc. They are the effective “leader” for the team.
    • Facilitator – this person acts as a helpdesk assistant throughout the activity, then runs a team debrief to collate thoughts and discuss what everyone has learned prior to a large all-teams debrief.

Level 3 – Highest Level of Face-to-Face Social Distancing

  • No external facilitator to attend in person – our facilitator would just hook in via a web-link.
  • No passing of materials between participants whatsoever.
  • Each of the five roles outlined in “Level 4” are allocated among your team-members. Team members sit 1.5 metres apart at the same tables.

Level 2 – Medium Social Distancing

  • External facilitators attend the event but do not roam freely around the room.
  • Facilitators would have a “helpdesk table” where participants would come to get assistance. Clear 1.5 metres spacing would be signalled on the ground to ensure orderly queues leading to the helpdesk and the width of the helpdesk table would further ensure social distancing between the participants.
  • One team per large table. Tables separated by at least 2 or 3 metres.
  • Team members separated by at least 1.5 metres on each table.
  • Essentially, we rotate the role of the builder between team members throughout the build.
  • Participants are not allowed to work on any one step together, but are permitted to pass the materials between team members.
  • When passing materials, a designated “safe zone” can be allocated between each team member. Team members can place something in that safe zone for other team members to then pick up.
  • In order to increase the controls in place team members can wear additional PPE (such as gloves and face masks)
  • We also have small 30ml personal sanitisers available for purchase (just $1.50 plus GST each).

Level 1 – Moderate Social Distancing

  • Same as Level 2 except you may permit 2 team members to work on the same assembly instruction step at once (ie. One person may hold a part while another team-member uses a screwdriver or allen key on that part).
  • External facilitators are free to roam whilst also observing social distancing at all times.
  • One team per large table. Separate tables separated by at least 2 or 3 metres
  • Team members separated by at least 1.5 metres on each table (and may wear PPE)