Helping Hands Family Packs

FAMILY PACKS: The ideal activity to ride out quarantine together!

With all of us being asked to practice social distancing and stay at home a bit more, it’s a great opportunity to reconnect as a family and make a difference together. If you’ve participated in our activity during a work conference and are wanting to share that same experience with the people you love this might be the perfect time! 

To help families give a hand we’ve designed the “Family Pack”. Each Family Pack is essentially a mini self-facilitation kit and includes the following.

  • The parts to build 1 hand.
  • Enough koozies to cover 4 participants hands (to help you empathise with the people you are helping).
  • Step-by-step facilitation and assembly instructions, program videos and powerpoint presentations to help build these state-of-the-art hands.
  • Some hand-related colouring in materials for kids that are more drawn to artwork! 

The cost of each family pack is $450 and includes shipping to your door anywhere within Australia. It also includes the cost of quality checking each final hand, recycling unused materials and shipping your final hands back overseas once you’ve returned them to us.

To place your order email us at: [email protected]