Self-facilitation of the helping hands activity

When you choose to self-facilitate the Helping Hands activity, we set you up for success from the start of the activity. You are not just sent a box full of miscellaneous parts, everything has been meticulously packed to ensure that the process is clear, even to a first-time facilitator.
The kits are designed to be easily scalable for large groups and the activity works just as well for a group of 600 participants as it does for a group of 6. As a facilitator, all you need to think about is how many Help Desk Operators you need to pre-train for larger groups.
Each carefully packaged self-facilitation kit includes the following:
  • The parts to build 10 separate hands. Appropriate for use with between 10 and 30 participants
  • Step-by-step facilitation and assembly instructions, program videos and powerpoint presentations to help build these state-of-the-art hands
  • Spare parts
  • Tools for help desk officers to use during the exercise
  • All the materials required to bind a participants hand, if this is the facilitation technique that you choose to use