Yin Yang Leadership

YinYangOur Yin Yang Leadership Program is an attempt to address the concerns many of our clients had been sharing with us about traditional leadership and management development programs. That is, that the models and theories taught to attendees are typically insufficient to capture the complex demands on leaders in the modern world. Our clients have been telling us that too often programs are based on idealistic notions of Transformational Leadership without recognising the importance of Sound Management.


In Chinese philosophy,  the concept of yin-yang is often used to describe how opposite or contrary forces are both interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. Many natural dualities (such as light and dark, high and low, hot and cold, fire and water, life and death, male and female, sun and moon, and so on) are thought of as physical manifestations of the yin-yang concept.

Our Yin Yang Leadership Program has been based on the premise that a number of natural dualities exist within the workplace which are necessarily interconnected. The following beliefs have guided the development of our program:

  • That leaders cannot exist without followers.
  • Transformative and inspirational leadership can only exist in the presence of strong management of day-to-day issues.
  • That the “big picture” is equally important as the detail.
  • Positive change can only be achieved when prepared to be honest about weaknesses.
  • Development of leadership strengths also requires the identification of weaknesses and leadership derailers.


This is an intensive full-day workshop which can be held either on a client premises or off-site. True Yin Yang Leadership requires a high degree of self-awareness and as such, we require all attendees to complete some psychometric assessments. These assessments will, during the session, enable each Leader to develop a greater level of insight into both their strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and likely derailers.

The agenda for the day is as follows:

  1. The workshop kicks off with a simple employee engagement model which is the foundation of our program. Our program teaches attendees that all of the positive leadership behaviours in the world will fail to make an impact without team members being truly engaged in their work to start with. True leadership starts by considering employees first and seeking first to understand their perspective before seeking to influence them.
  2. EVERY one of our programs seeks to engage participants at a deeper level. We believe that leaders will only be motivated to foster an engaged workforce if they have EXPERIENCED ENGAGEMENT first hand. That is why following some essential theory we jump into a facilitated Helping Hands Program. After building a number of prosthetic hands together we unpack the three key drivers of employee engagement (Purpose, Autonomy and Growth) and discuss a number of approaches for fostering the kind of environment where employees experience each of these things.
  3. Following the Helping Hands component of this program we discuss the first set of Assessment results. These initially focus on each individual’s unique strengths and how these can be leveraged to promote an engaging workplace.
  4. This section of the day is rounded out with an opportunity for each attendee to consider their own personal journey and come up with an engaging purpose and vision statement which they feel can be applied in both their personal and work life.
  5. The program then takes a shift in focus as we introduce “The Dark-side of Personality” as measured by the second set of assessment results that we share with attendees. Most people possess certain personality ‘derailers’ that can hold them back from achieving their true leadership potential. These are strengths in the person’s personality and behaviour that may turn into weaknesses when overplayed – and of which the individual themselves might not even be aware.
  6. Exploring each of the common Leadership derailers is an extremely engaging and fun process, but also quite challenging for each attendee. Yin Yang Leadership is about recognising that the flipside of every strength is also a serious weakness. That once we are aware of our derailers we are infinitely better equipped to avoid them.
  7. The day is completed with some further reflection about our overall strengths and weaknesses and an opportunity to develop a leadership action plan which is cognisant of both our strengths and weaknesses.


  • a more sophisticated appreciation of the role of a leader
  • to have learned a simple, but highly effective model to super-charge employee engagement
  • to have gained a heightened level of self-awareness
  • increased confidence in embracing their weaknesses as well as their strengths
  • to develop a personal vision statement and leadership action plan


The cost of our full-day Leadership Programs are $1,500 (incl GST) per attendee. That price includes the cost of the hand that you will make during the program, all workshop materials and any meals provided during the program. External programs are open to all participants irrespective of their employer and are held at an external venue. We normally hold one program every 3 months (depending on demand) and coordinate the scheduling of that program amongst our workshop attendees.

The cost of running an in-house Leadership p=Program is $1,000 (incl GST) per attendee plus travel costs (if our facilitators have to travel inter-state). In-house programs are tailored for the specific company that we are working with and normally that client will organise both the venue and catering. Normally, we require that our clients have a minimum of 3 facilitators attend each in-house program.

To put those costs into perspective, the psychometric assessment we conduct to identify Leadership Derailers would normally cost $500 per person alone (including the report and feedback session). When you consider that each participant not only gets this assessment but also a full 8 hour training session, including some powerful experiential learning, you can quickly see that the price points we’ve come up with are very good value indeed.


If the idea of a truly innovative approach to leadership appeals to you then please do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]. Of course each and every program we deliver is tailored to the needs of our client and the above outline can be seen as just a starting point. If there are aspects of the program where you would prefer us to spend more or less time please feel free to let us know. We specialise in creating engaging and unique experiences for our clients and we would love to tailor an experience which will help achieve your company’s objectives.